Other People’s Lake Views, or, “Not . . So . . Fast”

Put it this way:  I’ve never seen a supplement on MLS for a turret before (the proposed home that goes with is pictured above).

Here’s what it says on MLS:

SPECIAL FEATURE!  The Turret area is designed to have a spiral staircase leading to a roof-top deck situated over the Owners Suite. This will provide a private outdoor entertaining area with wonderful views! (Please note that the future homeowner should apply for a variance from the City).

The (possible) catch?

City variances are easier said than done — especially if the city happens to be Minneapolis.

And other people’s lake views are involved (not sure if that’s the case here).

No Variance Needed

At the other extreme . . .

tunnel2Until this week, I’d also never encountered a home with its very own tunnel before — coincidentally, also near Minneapolis’ Cedar Lake.

In this case, the tunnel is under the home’s backyard, and connects the back alley garage to the home’s basement.

If you preview the home (like I did) without first looking at the pictures, you get quite the startle when you turn on the basement lights!

Not sure if the owner ever needed a variance, but at this stage it’s likely a moot point.

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