January 29, 2019

Twin Cities Dodges a Super Bowl-sized Bullet (by exactly one year)

Spared a Blizzard (sorry) of Bad PR Just imagine: if the Twin Cities played host to the Super Bowl this year instead of last, thousands of out-of-town visitors would now be arriving to a minus 35° wind chill — headed towards as low as minus 60°(!) the next two nights. That compares with an air temp...
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Proper (& Improper) Purposes of Realtor Previews

Why “Just Previewing” Serves Sellers’ Interests A Realtor showing is when a Realtor takes their client ” a prospective Buyer (or one would certainly hope!) ” through a “For Sale” home. No competing Sunday open house traffic, no busybody listing agent (representing the owner) present, and ” perhaps most importantly ” no owner around. The convention is to set...
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