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NYT Subscription Holdout

“Sign Up Here! “ “Pay Us Now” No, I haven’t “signed up” to get unlimited, online access to The New York Times, to the tune of $200 a year. Why not? My reasons, in no particular order: •Double-dipping.  I’m not privy to The Times’ business model, but as a long-time reader, it certainly appears two-pronged:  1) sell more — and more intrusive...
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Glass Half Full? Half Empty? How About Completely Different Glasses?

Macro Matters If you want an excuse to simply tune out the news altogether and remain (blissfully) ignorant, look no further than yesterday’s dueling headlines in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times: Focus on Obama as Tensions Soar Across Mideast —The New York Times (5/19/2011) Gas Prices Fall as Mideast Jitters Ease —The...
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Enlightened Capitalism

Planning for Life After, uh . . Retirement “Be smart.  Save your money, get educated, buy property. Plan for life after retirement.” Guess which enlightened CEO said the above to their employees? The CEO of Exxon Mobil?  Maybe Best Buy? Try, Dawn Rizos, the chief executive of the Lodge, a Dallas strip-club (albeit the high-end kind).  See, “Naked...
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Groupon’s Sales Price: No Bargain?

Google is near a deal to acquire Groupon, the pioneering online discounter, for as much as $6 billion. —The New York Times (11/30/2010) There’s got to be not a little irony in Groupon being bought out at something like 15x its annual revenues of $350 million. By contrast, established consumer goods companies can sell for...
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"We Bailed OURSELVES Out??"

“We” Minus the “Us”; or,More Pronoun Confusion The bailout and stimulus that we have administered to ourselves have left us without much cushion. There may be room, and even necessity, for a little more stimulus. But we have to get this moment right.” –Thomas Friedman, “Got to Get This Right“; The New York Times (11/27/2010)...
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"Our" Banks, Warren? No, YOUR Banks

Warren Buffett’s Freudian Slip This land is your landThis land is my(?) landFrom California to the New York islandFrom the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream watersThis land was made for you (and me?). –Lyrics, “This Land is Your Land”; Woody Guthrie (tweaked by Ross Kaplan) The first time I read “Pretty Good for...
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