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“You’re Going to Sell Your Home. Should You Mention the Snakes?”

“The Answer to the Seller’s Question, “Do You Think I Should [ _____ ] . . . ?” is Always “Yes”** Consider the rather provocative question — from a homeowner contemplating selling their home in a few years — posed to The Ethicist, an advice column in The New York Times: “We live in a large house...
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“The Home Buying Decision” according to The NYT’s David Brooks

  Brooks:  Buyers Face Four Challenges (“Emotional, Psychological, Cognitive, & Moral”) Leave it to an intellectual to over think buying a home. In a nutshell, that’s my reaction to New York Times columnist David Brooks’ piece, “The Home Buying Decision.” Customized Criteria Which isn’t to say Mr. Brooks’ column — destined to be emailed to Realtors...
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Stealing FROM Goldman Sachs vs. Stealing FOR Goldman Sachs

“Long-Term Greedy”* . . . Minus the “Long-Term” “Our employees shouldn’t expect the firm to pay for their defense when they steal from us.” –Goldman Sachs spokesman, explaining the company’s refusal to pay the legal fees of software programmer (and former Goldman Sachs Vice President) Sergey Aleynikov; “At Goldman Sachs, Even the Legal Fees are Different”;...
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Synesthesia and “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”

I first reported the phenomenon in a post more than 18 months ago (“Where’s the Rest of Me?  The Phantom Cellphone Vibration“):  you’re standing in the shower — presumably undressed — and you feel your left (or in my case, right) hip vibrate. You think you’re wearing your phone — until you realize you aren’t. It...
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“Personal Frequencies”

“Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks” Once upon a time, two ham radio operators who wanted to communicate with one another had to first agree on a frequency.  More recently, someone who wanted to use their 300 or 1200(!) baud modem to get on the Internet had to do a “handshake” with the connecting service. How...
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“Yoga and Cable TV”

Reading yesterday’s New York Times piece on the Minnesota government shutdown, I didn’t learn anything new about the stand-off between state Republicans and Democrats. But I picked up a couple tidbits about Minnesota prisons: The state Department of Corrections said it was ending family and volunteers’ visits and yoga classes for prisoners and ” if...
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