May 21, 2011

NYT Subscription Holdout

“Sign Up Here! “ “Pay Us Now” No, I haven’t “signed up” to get unlimited, online access to The New York Times, to the tune of $200 a year. Why not? My reasons, in no particular order: •Double-dipping.  I’m not privy to The Times’ business model, but as a long-time reader, it certainly appears two-pronged:  1) sell more — and more intrusive...
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Smart U.S. Energy Policy? Hell, NO Policy Would Be An Improvement

Perverse Incentives  See that bum on the sidewalk?  He’s worth $500 million more than I am.  I owe $500 million — and he’s just broke. –Donald Trump, in less heady times The first rule of holes:  when you’re in one — stop digging. –Thomas L. Friedman What prompts the above anecdotes isn’t the lack of a coherent, intelligent...
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