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What’s Up With THAT House? “For Sale” Homes On the Market Too Long

But, What’s “Too Long?” Test your knowledge of today’s housing market, and respond to the following statement: “A for sale home sitting on the market for 60 days is already shopworn”: A. True. B. False. C. Impossible to tell without more info. Correct answer. “C.” The key “other info”: price and location (of course). “Houston,...
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Homes That Have Been For Sale FOREVER (and a Day): Potential Buyer Opportunity — or Not?

Long-in-the-Tooth Listings Even in a Seller’s market where listings vanish in the blink of an eye, they’re out there:  homes that have been on the market, through rain and shine, winter and summer, seemingly year after year. What gives? Or perhaps more to the point, is there an opportunity to be had? “Days Years on...
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$1,000 for Windows. CLEANING Windows

Q:  What Do You Call That?  A: “A Good Investment” When it does it make sense to plunk down $1,000 on cleaning windows? When you own a large, upper bracket home — in the Twin Cities, generally above $1 million — and it’s been sitting for months on the market without showings, let alone an...
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Back in Vogue, or, “Which Winter Was That?”

Narrow Lapels, Dated MLS Photos & “Winter” Stamps If you wait long enough, eventually, everything seems to come back in style. That’s true in real estate marketing:  after conspicuously sticking out the last 5 months or so, there are actually a couple VERY stale MLS listings — featuring winter shots — that will actually look...
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Multiple Offers the 1st Day? Not This One

The “House-by-House, Block-by-Block” Housing Market Close-in, high demand area? Check. The home pictured above is in Minneapolis’ Bryn Mawr neighborhood, just west of downtown and northwest of the Lakes and Uptown. Affordable for first-time Buyers? Check. The $259,9k asking price is right in the middle of one of the housing market’s hottest price points. Nice...
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Sunsetting Out-of-Season Photos

Stale vs. Fresh Listings It can be hard to pull the (very) flattering photos of the picture-perfect home framed with blooming azaleas. That’s especially the case when the garden is a labor of love for the homeowner, who takes special pride in it. However, if that photo was taken in July, and those blooming azaleas have...
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