March 11, 2019

“Get Me Out of the Deal!”: Statutory Cancellation for Beginners

“Subject to” . . . “Statutory” . .  . “Cancellation” . . . Huh?!? [Editor’s Note:  In addition to “statutory cancellation,” there is another legal status called “subject to statutory Rescission.”  At least in Minnesota, purchasers of condo’s and townhomes have a 10 day right to rescind while they review the related Association disclosures.  While that...
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What’s Up With THAT House? “For Sale” Homes On the Market Too Long

But, What’s “Too Long?” Test your knowledge of today’s housing market, and respond to the following statement: “A for sale home sitting on the market for 60 days is already shopworn”: A. True. B. False. C. Impossible to tell without more info. Correct answer. “C.” The key “other info”: price and location (of course). “Houston,...
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New Home Trend: Upstairs Living Space (But, What Do You Call It??)

“Upstairs Den?” “Family Room #2?”  “Upper Level Lounge?” First, laundries migrated from dark, dingy basements to the upper level. Now, the home’s living spaces are following them upstairs. Versatile, Multi-Function Space (and Light!) Specifically, many new construction homes in the Twin Cities now feature an upstairs sitting area ” typically near the top of the...
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