“Republican Sputnik??”

Of all the reasons adduced for Mitt Romney’s election loss, perhaps the most surprising is that the Republicans’ “get-out-the-vote” technology lagged the Democrats’. Look for the 2016 Republican nominee — Chris Christie?  Jeb Bush?  — not to make the same mistake.  P.S.:  Sputnik, of course, was the 1957 satellite launched by the Soviets that served...
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“The Election is Over. Long Live the Election.”

Day-After Stock Market Drop My sentiments on yesterday’s doings:  “the King election is dead over, long live the election.” Yours, too? Besides the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” — now squarely in everyone’s sights — perhaps the markets are signalling displeasure with Elizabeth Warren gaining a high-profile perch from which to pursue mega-banks (that would be a U.S. Senate...
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Election Semantics: Finishing Second vs. “Failing”

“And the Oscar White House Goes to . . .” What do you call the person who finishes last in their medical school class? Answer: “Doctor.” –old joke. If Mitt Romney wins today’s election, he is, of course, President. If he loses? Like other runners-up (Minnesota’s Walter Mondale, Al Gore, John McCain, etc.), he is...
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Stock Market Prediction: Election Eve Quiet

Eyes on the Prize “It will fluctuate.” –Financier JP Morgan, when asked what the stock market will do. “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” –Yogi Berra Regular readers of this blog know that I’m chary of making predictions — about the housing market or anything else. But, here’s a relatively safe one: ...
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