December 1, 2012

“Republican Sputnik??”

Of all the reasons adduced for Mitt Romney’s election loss, perhaps the most surprising is that the Republicans’ “get-out-the-vote” technology lagged the Democrats’. Look for the 2016 Republican nominee — Chris Christie?  Jeb Bush?  — not to make the same mistake.  P.S.:  Sputnik, of course, was the 1957 satellite launched by the Soviets that served...
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“What You Get For $2 Million” — Minneapolis Edition

   The New York Times’ Take on Kenwood For the second time in barely a month, The New York Times real estate section is showcasing a Minneapolis home in its ongoing, “What You Get For $____ ” feature. Besides checking out the favored house (and agent!), pictured above, it’s always interesting to hear an outsider’s...
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The Cockamamie Case FOR Insider Trading

“Victimless” Insider Trading?  Really, Mr. Jenkins?? It’s hard to take seriously Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins’ latest broadside against prosecuting insider trading when it contains whoppers like this one: “Whoever was a buyer when SAC Capital was selling would have been a buyer anyway, whether SAC’s motive in selling was inside information or the maundering of...
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