November 6, 2012

The Key to the Election: Steve

Political Analysis Reductio Ad Absurdum If you believe the pundits, the entire Presidential election turns on a handful of swing states. Of these, Ohio apparently looms largest. Even within Ohio, however, a handful of counties are considered most pivotal. Within those counties are especially critical wards, and within said wards are a handful of toss-up...
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Real Estate Riddle: When is .25 a Big Deal?

“What, No Shower?!?” In a business where dimensions are usually defined in square feet, yards, or even acres, when do fractions — specifically, .25 or 1/4 — loom large? When it’s the difference between a 3/4 Master Bath and a 1/2 Master Bath. The former has a shower, sink and toilet; the latter, just a sink and toilet. Especially if...
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Election Semantics: Finishing Second vs. “Failing”

“And the Oscar White House Goes to . . .” What do you call the person who finishes last in their medical school class? Answer: “Doctor.” –old joke. If Mitt Romney wins today’s election, he is, of course, President. If he loses? Like other runners-up (Minnesota’s Walter Mondale, Al Gore, John McCain, etc.), he is...
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