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How History Between the Realtors — Good or Bad — Can Affect a Home Sale

The Opposite of “The Birthday Paradox” According to The Birthday Paradox, in a room of just 23 people, there’s a 50-50 chance of at least two people having the same birthday. In the world of residential real estate sales — at least in a bigger city — there seems to be something of an anti-Birthday...
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Challenge for Veteran Realtors: Guarding Against “Listing Skills” Atrophy

Victims of Success? How do Realtors get good at listing presentations?  (job interviews for agents to represent a home seller). By doing lots of ’em. New agents have no choice:  with no clients, track record, or reputation to speak of, that’s how they land business. Trappings of Success – Literally Now fast forward 5 —...
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How NOT to Get Repeat Referrals

Taking Advantage of a 1st-Time Buyer (Or Trying To) First-time Buyers may not know prevailing lender fees — but experienced Realtors do. In that vein, a colleague recently reported that, to his chagrin, he discovered that the lender he referred his client to quoted her lender fees (origination, underwriting, appraisal, etc.) easily double the industry...
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Political — and Real Estate — Incumbents

Politics isn’t the only field that has incumbents and challengers. Real estate does, too. The “incumbent Realtor” is the Realtor who helped the now-selling homeowner buy the home, however many years back; the challengers are all the other Realtors vying for the listing. Average Realtor “Career”:  < 2 Years I’d guesstimate that something like one-third of...
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Residential Real Estate Practice, Late 2011

What’s That They Say About Messengers? The worst part of my job? (at least the last few years). Telling many would-be Sellers that they’re home is worth $20k — or $200k — less than they thought (and not infrequently, what they currently owe on it).  Blunting the sting:  the next home they want to purchase will...
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