NYT’s Floyd Norris Retires

Wall Street Oxymoron:  “Spin-Free Financial Journalism” “What happens when you turn over regulatory responsibilities to people who think there is really no need for regulation?” –Floyd Norris, “When Regulators are Blind to Rules“; The NYT (12/18/2014) I can count on one hand — with a finger or two left over — the financial journalists and...
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Prescribing Aspirin For Cancer

Surowiecki:  Wall Street Excess Due to Regulatory Failure “We need an attitudinal shift on the part of regulators, who need to recognize that their gentleman’s-club ethos is ill-suited to today’s financial world, and who need to be aggressive not just in punishing malfeasance but in preventing it from happening.” –James Surowiecki, “Bankers Gone Wild“; The...
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How Free Should Markets Be?

“A River Runs Through It” Nature, to be controlled, must be obeyed. –Francis Bacon You wouldn’t necessarily know it from the sound bite-driven Presidential race, but one of the fundamental questions at stake in the 2012 election is, ‘exactly how free should markets be?’ Continuum At one extreme, Libertarians like Ron Paul say “completely.” They...
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MF Global “Whodunit”

Wall Street Journal:  ‘Blame the Regulators’ Chutz-pah′:  killing your parents, then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. So, according to The Wall Street Journal, who’s to blame for the still-missing $1 billion of client funds at now-bankrupt MF Global? Not the company’s senior management, led by CEO Jon Corzine,...
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