July 28, 2012

Macaroni & Cheese T’s

Having failed at getting my 7 year-old daughter to:  a) diversify her diet beyond macaroni and cheese; and b) use a napkin (instead of her shirt) while eating, my wife and I are seriously considering resorting to Plan C — dressing her in yellow t-shirts that at least camouflage the food stains.  😉 P.S.:  Said...
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Pop in Purchasing Power

Lower Mortgage Rates Hike Affordability The big story in real estate this year — besides tightening inventory and rising prices in several market segments — is the effect (still) dropping mortgage rates are having on Buyers’ purchasing over. So, when 30-year rates were over 4% — what, six months ago? — a Buyer who could shoulder...
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Prescribing Aspirin For Cancer

Surowiecki:  Wall Street Excess Due to Regulatory Failure “We need an attitudinal shift on the part of regulators, who need to recognize that their gentleman’s-club ethos is ill-suited to today’s financial world, and who need to be aggressive not just in punishing malfeasance but in preventing it from happening.” –James Surowiecki, “Bankers Gone Wild“; The...
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