“Anyone Know an Inspector for a Geothermal Heating/Cooling System?”

Increasing Market Penetration? Realtors cast around for inspector referrals all the time. (Much) less common:  a Buyer’s agent trying to turn up an inspector qualified to inspect a geothermal heating/cooling system (I received the first such email this am via Edina Realty’s “broadcast” feature). Good! First, homeowners have to install such systems, either as retrofits or...
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Caveat Emptor — Builders

“Two Strikes and You’re Out” I just heard through the grapevine that a certain Twin Cities builder is now working with their third Realtor in four years (note:  builders sometimes engage Realtors — occasionally on an exclusive basis — to rep their new homes). I’ve worked with both previous Realtors on past deals, and found...
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The Value of a Contractor “Deep Throat”

Better Than Angie’s List The best thing about cultivating and maintaining relationships with lots of good, local contractors* is that it’s a benefit to my clients who need one (or three). Runner-up benefit? I can pick up the phone and get the “scoop” (off-the-record) from an especially knowledgeable source. That proved invaluable in a recent...
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Buyers, Sellers, Agents & Estate Sales

In the Middle Without Being In the Middle Most listing agents, myself included, take pains to avoid negotiating the sale of personal property. See, “And Repeat:  ‘Never Negotiate Furniture.'” But that doesn’t mean I sidestep the issue altogether. When asked, I’m happy to provide Sellers with the names of reputable, local estate sale companies (yes,...
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Commission Check? Nice. Delighted Client? Priceless.

Will Sell Homes for Food (& Appreciation) No, you can’t cash compliments. But, in over a decade selling homes, it’s hard to top the “Thank You” note (below) that I just received from a client (and friend) I’ve worked with on two deals over the last ten months (the second deal closed yesterday). “I’ve said it...
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“On a Scale of 1-10, How Would You Rate This Survey?”

Voting With Your Feet — or (Computer) Mouse The best sign of a satisfied customer? Repeat business. So, when it comes to things like groceries, gas, and dry cleaning — purveyors of such things can figure out pretty quickly how they’re doing. Ditto for the web sites (and blogs!) which people patronize regularly. Infrequent Transactions...
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