“Daddy, How Much is a Redbox?”

“Is That Like a Licensing Fee?” Getting breakfast at McDonald’s this morning, my 8 year-old son asked me how much a Redbox was. If you didn’t know, McDonald’s — and virtually every other retail location — now sport the ubiquitous red vending machines that dispense DVD’s, not soft drinks. Thinking he meant a DVD rental,...
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The Virtual Vending Machine

“Would You Like Fries With That . . . Program?” So, who just got the $1.99 I paid last night to watch a Season 3 episode of “Breaking Bad,” the terrific (dare I say addictive?) AMC series about a chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer: A.  Netflix B.   Amazon.com C.  Blockbuster Video D.  DISH (pay-per-view) Answer:  B Once upon a...
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The Brilliance of Redbox

(Foot) Traffic Driver If you’ve stepped foot in (or in front of) a Byerly’s, McDonald’s, or a zillion other retail outlets in the last two years or so, you’ve undoubtedly seen them: big, red kiosks with the name “Redbox” on them. Each one is stocked with the most popular 100 or so DVD’s, which rent...
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