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Parachutists — and Realtors — Who Go “Splat!!”

Failing to Get a Signed Buyer Rep(resentation) Agreement What do parachuting and Buyer Rep contracts have in common? I learned from my one time parachuting, over 30(!) years ago (I knew the experience would prove to be useful in later life), that parachute fatalities actually fall into two groups. Unceremoniously referred to as “bouncing,” the...
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“Contract is Singed and We Are Ready to Proceed”

“You Know What They Meant” Department Among the hundreds of “spam” emails intercepted by my email filter each week was one the other day with this subject title:  “Contract is singed and we are ready to proceed.” Not recognizing the sender — and having no in-progress deals about to go up in smoke — I...
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Listing Agent Mistakes #6 and #7

Copying Goldilocks I’ve written previously about the various mistakes that I’ve seen amateurs make.  See, “FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)”; “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” Does that mean the pro’s — professional Realtors — are perfect? Hardly. It’s just that their mistakes tend to be more subtle (and presumably, fewer).  See, “Jumping...
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Jumping the Gun on Pre-List Marketing

Realtor Mistake #3 First, a caveat:  by far the more common Realtor mistake is not doing pre-list marketing — touting an upcoming listing to colleagues — far enough in advance. Or, not doing it at all. However, at least in my opinion, it’s also possible to err on the side of doing it too soon. Call it an “advanced beginner” (or...
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“Valuted LR”

“Is That Like a Gorjus FR?” If it were a smart phone app, I’d chalk it up as just one more esoteric, must-have(?) piece of software to add to my (long) list. However, when the term pops up on an MLS listing, I’m pretty sure the agent meant to say . . . “Vaulted Living Room.” 
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