February 4, 2012

“Days on Market” vs. “CDOM” vs. “History”

Parsing MLS Lingo One of the more confusing concepts on MLS is “Days on Market” vs. “CDOM” (Cumulative Days on Market) vs. “History.” Initially, it’s pretty straightforward:  after 30 days on the market, a given listing’s “Days on Market” is  . . . surprise! . . . 30; CDOM is 30; and “History” shows one...
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Frozen Fog = Natural Flocking

A meteorologist could explain why it happens. All I know is that the Twin Cities this morning looked like it had been covered with white flocking overnight. Pretty! And best of all, it’s still very mild, at least for early February in the Twin Cities (low 30’s today). (Of course, the other way to achieve...
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Listing Agent Mistakes #6 and #7

Copying Goldilocks I’ve written previously about the various mistakes that I’ve seen amateurs make.  See, “FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)”; “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” Does that mean the pro’s — professional Realtors — are perfect? Hardly. It’s just that their mistakes tend to be more subtle (and presumably, fewer).  See, “Jumping...
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