January 24, 2012

Christine Lagarde Doppelganger

If Hollywood ever needs to cast someone to play Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, I have just the actress: Allison Janney. Compare these two photos, and tell me you don’t see a striking resemblance. A little hair dye, and a different hairstyle (and a suntan!), and you wouldn’t be able to tell...
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Home Seller’s Golden Rule

Telling Buyers What They Know About Their Home’s Condition “Treat people the way you’d like them to treat you.” –The Golden Rule “Home Sellers should tell prospective Buyers anything that they would want to know if they were buying the home.” –The Golden Rule, real estate version Given that 90%-plus of all residential real estate...
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Jumping the Gun on Pre-List Marketing

Realtor Mistake #3 First, a caveat:  by far the more common Realtor mistake is not doing pre-list marketing — touting an upcoming listing to colleagues — far enough in advance. Or, not doing it at all. However, at least in my opinion, it’s also possible to err on the side of doing it too soon. Call it an “advanced beginner” (or...
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Buyers and Timing

“Temporarily Not Available For Buying” (TNAB)* “The right house at the wrong time . . . is the wrong house.” –Ross Kaplan One of the things that can happen working with Buyers is that . . . life intervenes. A work crisis pops up out of nowhere, an unexpected health issue temporarily lays someone up, etc. When...
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“Curb Appeal is Deceptive”

(More) Real Estate Cliches Two of the more overused real estate cliches (redundant, I know) is “curb appeal is deceptive” and its first-cousin, “not a drive-by.” So, are they ever true? Usually, not. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Exceptions to the Rule Once in awhile, you do see a listed home with a plain...
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