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The Case of The Far Away Fireplace (or is it??)

Fake News Photo “True or False” Quick! Is the photo (above) of a lower level Amusement Room real or enhanced (through a wide-angle lens, etc.)? Answer: it’s real. According to MLS, the room measures a whopping 45(!) feet long. The foundation size of the home — a rambler — is well over 2,000 square feet,...
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Out-of-Season Photos on MLS

Guilt By Association When agents see a listing ” in mid-January, in Minnesota ” with leafy trees and a bright, green lawn, their knee-jerk response isn’t to say to themselves, “My, what gorgeous landscaping.” It’s to click on “History” on MLS to see how long the home’s been on the market ” and find out how many...
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So, Exactly How Far Away is That Dining Room Bay Window REALLY?!?

Real Estate Photos & The “Bowling Alley” Effect Dining Room: 10′ x 12′ Living Room: 13′ x 23′ –MLS “Structure Information” That distant Dining Room bay window in the center of the photo above looks like it’s practically in a different zip code. How far away is it really? Add the 23′ length of the...
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Waiting for the Leaves to FALL (Yes, FALL) to Take Home Photos

(Late) Fall vs. Spring Photos Normally, Realtors wait for the trees to open, lawns to green up, etc. to take home photos. All that color is more flattering than brown, leaf-less trees and landscaping. The exception? When in-season foliage obscures the home (or, at least some angles). No More Garage Shots Then, it can actually...
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Great Idea for Fall Listings: “Virtual Twilight”

I’m a big fan of backlit homes, photographed at dusk:  few things in real estate marketing are as dramatic. But, the timing can be tricky. In Minnesota in the Summer, it can require meeting the photographer at the house after 9 p.m. — not exactly a convenient time for professionals (or homeowners). Furthermore, the time...
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Great vs. Merely Good Photos: When Saving $100 Can Cost a Home Seller $10k (or More!)

Which Owner’s Suite Would YOU Rather Have?? “The first showing is online.” –Realtor conventional wisdom. Here’s a news flash for listing agents or homeowners tempted to skimp on photography: Don’t. Those shots are prospective Buyers’ first impression of the home, and — if they’re not sufficiently impressive — their last. Rocky Mountain Retreat at Dusk Doubters...
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