August 4, 2017

Campaign Finance Reform in One, Easy-to-Remember Syllogism (Huh?!?)

Devil in Details?  Maybe Not See if you can track what is — at least to me — the unassailable logic of the following, three-part syllogism (a logical proof favored by ancient Greek philosophers). Don’t worry; if you get stumped, I’ll help you out. #1. The airwaves are a public asset that government, representing the people, licenses to...
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Closing Confidence

Just One Surprise My choice of parking spot (above) indicates how confident I was that my client’s closing (in Minnetonka earlier this week) would go smoothly. In fact, the actual closing took less than 15 minutes (vs. the usual hour or so). That’s possible when it’s a cash deal, and the Seller (my client) had...
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Great vs. Merely Good Photos: When Saving $100 Can Cost a Home Seller $10k (or More!)

Which Owner’s Suite Would YOU Rather Have?? “The first showing is online.” –Realtor conventional wisdom. Here’s a news flash for listing agents or homeowners tempted to skimp on photography: Don’t. Those shots are prospective Buyers’ first impression of the home, and — if they’re not sufficiently impressive — their last. Rocky Mountain Retreat at Dusk Doubters...
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