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MLS Agent Remarks: “Driveway Will Be Repaved When Weather Permits”

Show > Tell Kudos to the creative listing agent who thought not just to tell prospective Buyers (and their agents) about the Seller-paid new driveway, once the weather permits, but to also show them as well. An especially nice touch: superimposing the text on the “after” part of the driveway in the photo above. P.S.:...
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Wanted: Loft Buyer With a ‘Devil-May-Care’ Attitude. Literally.

“Find Your Place” . . . in Between a Future Construction Site and Demonic Neighbors (Huh?!?) Let me see if I understand StreetEasy’s pitch** for a New York City loft (above) correctly. The unit immediately above (“NEEDS RENOVATION”) is likely to become a noisy, dusty construction site for an indeterminate period of time, starting . . ....
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“Heads Up” to Marketers Targeting Twin Cities Agents: That’s “e-Dine”-ah Realty,” Not “e-deen-ah”

Also Wrong:  EE-Deen′-ah Realty “All Politics is Local.” –House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Like politics, all real estate advertising is local, too (at least for individual agents if not brokers). In other words, there’s not much reason for a Twin Cities Realtor to market their services to consumers in Denver or Atlanta or Boston (note:  Realtors do...
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