April 17, 2019

MLS Agent Remarks: “Driveway Will Be Repaved When Weather Permits”

Show > Tell Kudos to the creative listing agent who thought not just to tell prospective Buyers (and their agents) about the Seller-paid new driveway, once the weather permits, but to also show them as well. An especially nice touch: superimposing the text on the “after” part of the driveway in the photo above. P.S.:...
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Chaperoned Showings

MLS Agent Remarks: “Listing Agent Must be Present for All Showings” Most listing agents ” myself included ” are usually not thrilled when a home-selling client insists that you be there for all first showings. For one thing, it’s an imposition on your time; for another, prospective Buyers and their agents can view it as...
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“Mid-Century Modern?” Or Just “Mid-Century?”

The “You Know it When You See it” Test While it’s true that every Mid-Century Modern home was built in the 1950’s (or thereabouts), it’s decidedly NOT the case that every home built in the 1950’s is a “Mid-Century Modern.” In fact, in real life, very few are. On MLS, for every home that I...
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