new Kitchen

“New Kitchen” vs. “Newer Kitchen”

What’s in an Adjective?  A LOT It may seem like a subtle distinction, but home sellers are a LOT safer billing their “new” Kitchen as simply “newer.” The difference? Buyers purchasing a new Kitchen might reasonably expect to see paid receipts. So might the appraiser representing the Buyer’s lender, once the deal advances from inspection...
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MLS: “Beautiful Home When It Was Built”

“Nice Try” Department I give the listing agent (representing the Seller) credit for trying:  the line (above) certainly sounds like a compliment. And it may even have been true, once upon a time. But, best guesses are:  a) the home was built a long time ago; and b) it’s hardly beautiful now (there were no pictures accompanying...
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Confounding Conventional Wisdom on Kitchen Remodels

First Rule of “For Sale” Home Prep:  Consistency Fellow blogger and Twin Cities Realtor Teresa Boardman has a nice piece explaining why Kitchen remodels can backfire on would-be home sellers. See, “Kitchen Remodels That Hurt Resale.” In addition to Boardman’s two reasons, I’ve got two more: One.  The owner did a great job remodeling the...
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“Updated Kitchen,” Defined

“Counter”-Productive Improvements What do you call an old Kitchen with new granite counter-tops? A. An updated Kitchen; B. An old Kitchen with new granite counter-tops Answer:  B Admittedly, that’s not the answer that many home sellers (and their listing agents) would give. However, that’s how the vast majority of Buyers are likely to view it. In...
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