March 6, 2015

Runner-Up Buyer Protest in Multiples: “But, I Would’ve Gone Higher!!”

The Consequences of “Highest & Best” in Multiple Offers, or, “Woulda Coulda Shoulda” With tight inventory and the prospect of multiple offers returning to various Twin Cities neighborhoods, it’s a certainty that at least one local home Buyer this Spring — upon hearing they came up short in multiple offers — will protest, “But, I...
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Confounding Conventional Wisdom on Kitchen Remodels

First Rule of “For Sale” Home Prep:  Consistency Fellow blogger and Twin Cities Realtor Teresa Boardman has a nice piece explaining why Kitchen remodels can backfire on would-be home sellers. See, “Kitchen Remodels That Hurt Resale.” In addition to Boardman’s two reasons, I’ve got two more: One.  The owner did a great job remodeling the...
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