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WSJ: “Copper Down on Weak U.S. Home Starts, China”

Cheap(er) Copper = Less Expensive New Homes? “U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11% in October.” —headline, WSJ (11/18/2015) According to today’s Wall Street Journal, copper prices just fell to fresh six-year lows (about $2/lb.), in part due to softness in new home construction. Which begs the reciprocal question:  will falling copper prices reduce the cost of new...
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Minnesota Ratchets Up Radon Requirements

Writing on the Wall For Realtors still adjusting to last year’s beefed-up radon disclosure — Minnesota’s Seller Disclosure now includes a mandatory section on radon — there are more such changes on the horizon in 2016 and beyond. Such as: –A Minnesota state licensing requirement for radon inspectors and contractors. –A “system tag” indicating that a radon...
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Buyer’s Agent: ‘Need a lot/tear down up to $900,000 in East Edina’

Edina New Home Prices Approach $3 Million(!) Want to know what the price ceiling for a new Edina home is today (at least, in white-hot East Edina)? Traditionally, land accounts for 25% to 33% of the total cost of a home, including the land. If the Buyer has a $900k budget for just the land —...
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Blink & You Missed It: Why That $1.4M New Home Just Jumped to $1.7M

“Anyone Know a Good Welder??” I don’t know about the rest of the economy, but inflation is very much afoot in the upper reaches of the Twin Cities housing market — specifically, new homes. Anecdotally, I’d estimate that prices for upper bracket new construction in places like Edina, Minnetonka, and select Minneapolis and St. Louis...
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Early Birds and Home Builders

When is the Best Time to List a Tear-Down? Conventional wisdom (which I happen to agree with) is that early Spring is the best time for Sellers to list their home. Is there a best time to list a home that’s destined to be a tear-down? I’d argue that it’s also . . early Spring....
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Whither Meadowbrook Golf Course? (& What Will Take Its Place?)

St. Louis Park’s FEMA Money Here’s something new on my radar, picked up at the weekly Edina Realty – City Lakes meeting this morning:  what’s going to happen to Meadowbrook Golf course in St. Louis Park? As locals know, the city-owned course suffered massive, sustained flooding last Summer. What they may not know (or at...
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