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Quick! Who Pays the State Deed Tax, the Buyer or the Seller?

Bonus Question:  Who SHOULD Pay the State Deed Tax? Like most (all?) veteran Minnesota Realtors, I assumed that home sellers paid the state deed tax at closing — .34% of the sales price**, at least in Hennepin County — because that’s what state law prescribed. Unh-unh. Apparently, that’s merely a custom, albeit a universally observed...
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Fall Parade of Homes Starts Sat. (Sept. 8)

Practice Tips for Newer — and Not-So-New — Twin Cities Buyers’ Agents What does the Fall 2018 Parade of Homes ” set to start this Saturday (September 8) in the Twin Cities ” have to do with passing out Realtor business cards? Just this:  if a Buyer you’re working with goes through a Parade home and decides to...
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Guess Who’s ALSO Looking for a Home This Fall (Every Fall, in Fact)

Nesting Instinct It’s not just would-be Buyers who are tirelessly searching for a home this Fall, before the arrival of colder temps and harsher weather. So are critters (and insects, if that’s a separate category). The list includes bees, wasps, mice, squirrels, & raccoons (a few years ago in the Twin Cities, it was even...
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(Sub)Divide & Conquer by Minneapolis’ Cedar Lake

Two (Oversized?) New Homes in Place of One I know firsthand that the neighbors aren’t thrilled with the increased density (I live nearby). Nor are they happy with the size of the new homes, which dwarf the next-door homes in both height and finished square feet. But, I certainly understand the business logic of the...
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How to Be REALLY Popular With the Neighbors While You Build a New Home

What Bill Gates Did (Reportedly) It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?… –Fred Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” It’s no secret that new construction can be annoying for the neighbors. The endless procession of contractors, the noise, the debris —...
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100′ Crane Lifts Trusses Into Place in Fern Hill

Prefab Lite You expect to see 100′ foot cranes hovering over commercial construction sites. New residential homes, not so much. Yet that’s exactly what motorists, pedestrians, and neighbors saw last month on the 2800 block of Inglewood Avenue in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. In fact, drivers had to view the massive crane from either 28th Street or...
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