November 18, 2015

WSJ: “Copper Down on Weak U.S. Home Starts, China”

Cheap(er) Copper = Less Expensive New Homes? “U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11% in October.” —headline, WSJ (11/18/2015) According to today’s Wall Street Journal, copper prices just fell to fresh six-year lows (about $2/lb.), in part due to softness in new home construction. Which begs the reciprocal question:  will falling copper prices reduce the cost of new...
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Coming Soon? Marriott + Starwood + Delta + Hertz + Comcast + AT&T

First Rental Cars, Now Hotels Consolidate It’s been awhile since I studied Anti-Trust in law school, but it sure looks to me like a couple consumer-oriented industries are getting awfully concentrated. And I’m not just talking about airlines and cable companies. The latest example of “the urge to merge”:  Marriott Hotels gobbling up competitor Starwood...
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“Double Lot,” Defined

Not Measuring Up? There’s no harm in touting that a home has an especially nice backyard, sits on a large or impressive piece of land, etc. However, the term “double lot” — at least to me — has a specific, defined meaning. Namely, it’s a least twice the size of a standard city lot. In...
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