January 13, 2015

Whither Meadowbrook Golf Course? (& What Will Take Its Place?)

St. Louis Park’s FEMA Money Here’s something new on my radar, picked up at the weekly Edina Realty – City Lakes meeting this morning:  what’s going to happen to Meadowbrook Golf course in St. Louis Park? As locals know, the city-owned course suffered massive, sustained flooding last Summer. What they may not know (or at...
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“Open House Cancelled Due to Extreme Cold”

Define, “Extreme Cold” There’s a simple reason you seldom see Realtor open houses in Minnesota in January cancelled due to cold:  there’s no guaranty it will be warmer a week later. Case in point:  exactly one week ago, when my client and I were wavering due to local temps in the single digits. We went...
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Who’s Checking on That Vacant, “For Sale” Home??

Practicing an Ounce of Prevention If the answer to that question is “no one” — or at least, not regularly — it’s imperative that the owner do one of the following (at least if their home happens to be located in Minnesota and it’s winter): –Winterize the home (shut off the water and drain the...
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Economist Report: “Rate of Housing Appreciation is Normalizing”

Shakespeare Must Not Have Known Any Economists* If you don’t know “econospeak,” let me translate what an economist recently said (headline above) about the early 2015 housing market: “Home prices went up last year, but are now leveling off.” There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  🙂 See also, “If the Economists’ Forecast is Accurate...
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