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Knowing When to Flush Negative Showing Feedback

“It Only Takes One” Q: What do you call the person who finishes last in their medical school class? A. “Doctor.” It may surprise non-Realtors to hear that even well-prepped, well-priced homes ” destined to sell quickly for full price or very close ” typically collect more “Nay’s” than “Yea’s” from prospective Buyers. But it’s...
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“Brutal” Showing, Translated

“And the Owner’s Dog is Ugly, Too!” In the land of “Minnesota Nice,” listing agents (representing Sellers) don’t encounter it often. But, at today’s office meeting, another Realtor made reference to a recent, “brutal” showing on one of their listings. Invariably, here’s what they meant: “The prospective Buyer trashed the home’s price, condition, curb appeal,...
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The Positive Uses of Buyer Feedback

Will Scathing Feedback Lower the Seller’s Price? I’ve certainly taken my swipes at the seemingly ubiquitous showing feedback forms that Buyers’ agents receive after they show a home. The main knocks:  they ask for information no good Buyer’s agent is going to provide — e.g., “what is the home worth?” — especially if they have a client...
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“Seller WILL Receive Feedback Directly”

Dumping on Sellers Unbeknownst to many Buyers, their Realtor receives a feedback form after each showing (and sometimes, before!). Equally unbeknownst to Buyers, their agents will occasionally use said form to  . . . . rather tactlessly dump all over the Seller’s home. So, the curb appeal is ” dreadful,” the condition is “atrocious,” the...
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Minnesota’s Spring Housing Market: Already Long in the Tooth?

April Showers Bring . . . May Price Cuts(?) With the snow barely gone and the trees still November-bare, it will certainly strike some as odd to say this, but it’s true:  the Minnesota Spring housing market is already getting long in the tooth. So, if your home hit the market in February, and is unsold...
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“You Are What You Eat” — Realtor Version

Identifying with the Home You Sell Great House = Great Agent.  Gross Listing = Gross Agent –Matt Loskota, City Lakes Office Manager Reason #34 not to take an overpriced, under-prepped listing:  it reflects on you. Badly. Not only do prospective Buyers associate you with the home’s underwhelming appeal, but inexorably, over time . . ....
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