low mortgage rate

Low Mortgage Rates . . . Forever?

New Lender Refrain:  “These Rates Won’t WILL Last!” or, Three Buyer Worries With home prices now rebounding in many markets nationally, prospective Buyers these days usually have two main worries:  1) that prices will rise (further), making a purchase unaffordable — or at least more expensive; and 2) that interest rates will rise . ....
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Status Symbols, June 2012 Edition

Refinancing Into a 2.75% Fixed Rate, 15-Year Mortgage Ok, so it’s not a Porsche or a 2 week Hawaiian vacation, but you could do worse than scoring a 15 year mortgage at 2.75% today. What that says about you: –You own a home; –You actually have equity in your home — and therefore can borrow against...
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Year-End Pick-Up in Activity

The Limits of Statisticsin Valuing HomesIt’s only Wednesday, and I’ve already fielded three calls this week from appraisers wanting “scoop” on recent, closed sales that I’ve handled. A year-end pick-up in deals? Well, that, too. However, in each case the appraiser was working on a refinancing application. To approve the new loan, the lender needed...
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Price – Terms = Price

The Factor in Selling a Home Today If you have a choice between price and terms . . pick terms. –famous real estate line Once upon a time, when mortgage rates were in the stratosphere, “terms” — specifically, financing terms, if the Seller was providing it — were everything in real estate deals. Fast forward...
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"Hurry! These Rates Won’t Last!"

Lack of Buyer Urgency I was taking advantage of a welcome — and too brief — lull in my schedule the other day to cull the accumulated detritus on my desk (and on my office floor, and chairs, and . . .), and saw the following postcard: ‘Hurry! These Rates Won’t Last!” The date? October,...
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"Would Your Client Consider a CD?"

Low Rates . . If You Qualify Last year, I heard that question from would-be Buyers maybe 3 times. This year, I’ve logged that question three times . . . just this week! And that, with mortgage rates plumbing all-time lows: just above 4.5% to those with impeccable credit. Which, of course, is the catch....
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