August 11, 2012

Vanguard’s John Bogle on Fiduciary Duty

“Put the Interests of the Client First. No Excuses. Period.” In a world where individual investors have few friends (sadly), Vanguard founder John Bogle — now 83 years old – is a true champion. What does he propose doing now to fix the stagnant economy and (still) battered financial system? Bogle advocates taxes to discourage...
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Caught in the Act

Toppling Realtor “Open House” Signs While it happens all the time, you almost never catch ’em in the act. What am I referring to? The practice of self-appointed neighborhood vigilantes (busy bodies?  cranks?) to topple Realtor “Open House” signs — in this case, directing Realtors to a hard-to-find Edina home hosting this week’s Exceptional Properties meeting....
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(Way) Upper Bracket Multiple Offers

Where: 2250 Delaware Avenue in Sunfish Lake. What:  4 Bedroom/3 Bath home with 4,500 finished square feet, built in 1870, and set on almost 19(!) beautiful acres. How much:  $2.5 million. When:  listed July 31. Who:  Seller represented by Karen Antone and Sheri Fine, both in the Edina Realty City Lakes office. Lest anyone (mistakenly) think that...
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Mpls. – St. Paul: Home to the Nation’s Best Weather*

Sunny Skies, Low Humidity, 80 Degrees OK, so it’s not a boast locals can make four months from now (or possibly even tomorrow, given how fast Midwestern weather can change). But at least today, it’s hard to imagine nicer weather anywhere in the country (world?) than the Twin Cities. P.S.:  I used to live in Palo...
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Low Mortgage Rates . . . Forever?

New Lender Refrain:  “These Rates Won’t WILL Last!” or, Three Buyer Worries With home prices now rebounding in many markets nationally, prospective Buyers these days usually have two main worries:  1) that prices will rise (further), making a purchase unaffordable — or at least more expensive; and 2) that interest rates will rise . ....
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