December 8, 2010

Year-End Pick-Up in Activity

The Limits of Statisticsin Valuing HomesIt’s only Wednesday, and I’ve already fielded three calls this week from appraisers wanting “scoop” on recent, closed sales that I’ve handled. A year-end pick-up in deals? Well, that, too. However, in each case the appraiser was working on a refinancing application. To approve the new loan, the lender needed...
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"Market Crash on 12/31!?"

“Well, It’ll be the End of SOME Month” Just a quick housekeeping note: As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m working on a new-and-improved blog design for 2011; amongst other things, the upgraded version will let me better the control the ads that appear around the periphery of this site. In the meantime, I (you) have to...
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Identifying with Cy Young Pitcher Felix Hernandez

2010 Year in Review — Realtor’s Version Looking back over 2010, a lot of Realtors had years like Felix Hernandez — minus the accolades. Felix who? Felix Hernandez is the Seattle Mariners’ pitcher who just won the AL Cy Young award, despite only having a measly 13 wins (he also had 232 strikeouts and a...
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