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Filthy Cars: Colorado vs. Minnesota

Craving “Clean Car Absolution” In Colorado — especially in mountain towns, in the Summer — a filthy car (ideally, a 4-wheel drive carrying bikes or even a kayak or two) is a badge of honor, if not a sign of virtue. It tells the world that the occupant is an outdoor enthusiast, a risk-taker, an adventurer. In...
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“The Only Game in (Up)Town”

Saturday Night at Sebastian Joe’s (For a Little While) Once upon a time, there used to be a couple spots for ice cream in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. Now, it seems there’s just one:  Minneapolis quasi-institution Sebastian Joe’s, just west of Franklin and Hennepin (personal favorite:  “Nicollet Avenue Pothole”). Or, at least it seemed that way earlier tonight,...
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Playing Weekend “Brunch Arbitrage”

Where the Families Are — and Aren’t The key to enjoying a good Twin Cities weekend brunch is knowing not just where to go, but when. Like just about everything else in life . . . timing is everything. Differing Demographics So, around 10 a.m., avoid family-friendly — and early rising — Minneapolis neighborhoods like...
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Worthless Coupons

Products vs. Services Like a lot of people, I’m sure, I have a drawer-full of coupons — for restaurants, haircuts, and even a massage — that are set to expire unused Monday (Dec. 31). The explanation? The lines have been too long. It’s not a deal if you can’t take advantage of it . ....
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Kudos and Brickbats

Brickbats to:  the idiot who held up the express line at the Knollwood Cub grocery store earlier this evening. Instead of the clearly marked “15 items or less,” they easily put twice that many items on the conveyor belt. Then, when the cashier told her what she owed, she didn’t have it, and had to decide which items to have the...
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“Nobody Goes There Anymore; It’s Too Crowded”

Yogi Berra-ism’s Berra’s line — about a popular seafood restaurant near the Yankees’ Spring training camp in Florida — never fails to get a laugh. But there’s more than a little truth to it. Today is the third day in a row I made a detour to the neighborhood Starbucks in search of a mid-morning “booster shot” —...
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