May 25, 2011

How to Tell if Something is a Fixture

“The Moving Van Test” One of the friction points in a house sale can be what does — and doesn’t — come with the home. The general rule is that fixtures come with, personal property doesn’t. Which begs the question:  what’s a fixture? Definition The standard definition is that a fixture is something that’s permanently...
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Slow Wednesday or . . . ?

Pre-Holiday Weekend Slowdown In the stock market, you judge activity by how many shares trade daily. In the housing market, you go by new listings (or at least, I do). Judging by that yardstick . . . it’s either a very slow Wednesday — or the Memorial Day Weekend slowdown just kicked in. How slow? Whereas...
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MLS Typo’s

“But the Floor Plan’s Open!” Foundation Size:   84 –new MLS listing (5/25/11) I’m pretty sure there are no homes with 84 square foot foundations out there — at least ones that don’t have wheels on them, or aren’t intended for dolls (if you don’t know square feet, 84′  is about the size of a large Dining Room...
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“Nobody Goes There Anymore; It’s Too Crowded”

Yogi Berra-ism’s Berra’s line — about a popular seafood restaurant near the Yankees’ Spring training camp in Florida — never fails to get a laugh. But there’s more than a little truth to it. Today is the third day in a row I made a detour to the neighborhood Starbucks in search of a mid-morning “booster shot” —...
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