January 21, 2018

Three Words of Caution for Bitcoin Fans: “Napster” & “Quantum Computing”

Multi-Billon Dollar “Bug Bounty” “You know what a “bug bounty’ is? Someone says, “If you hack my system, I’ll give you a million dollars.’ So Bitcoin is now a nine-year-old multibillion-dollar bug bounty, and no one’s hacked it. It feels like pretty good proof.” –Chris Dixon, general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz; “Beyond...
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“Highest & Best” Redux for Amazon HQ2 Contestants?

Gargantuan State + Local Tax Incentives = Pyrrhic Victory for “Winning” Bidder “Amazon Narrows Down List for HQ2 to 20 Cities” —Headline, (1/18/2018). Anyone hearing the news that Amazon had “narrowed” the list of contenders down to 20 cities might properly comment, “Good Lord! How many cities were on the original list??” (answer: 238). While...
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Filthy Cars: Colorado vs. Minnesota

Craving “Clean Car Absolution” In Colorado — especially in mountain towns, in the Summer — a filthy car (ideally, a 4-wheel drive carrying bikes or even a kayak or two) is a badge of honor, if not a sign of virtue. It tells the world that the occupant is an outdoor enthusiast, a risk-taker, an adventurer. In...
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“Get Me Out of the Deal!”: Statutory Cancellation for Beginners

  “Subject to” . .  “Statutory” . .  . “Cancellation” . . . Huh?!? [Editor’s Note:  In addition to “statutory cancellation,” there is another legal status called “subject to statutory Rescission.”  At least in Minnesota, purchasers of condo’s and townhomes have a 10 day right to rescind while they review the related Association disclosures. While that...
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