Jeff Bezos

“True Minnesotan,” Exhibit #23: the (Too?) Helpful Clerk at the Neighborhood Hardware Store

What’s the Opposite of “Upselling?” Jeff Bezos didn’t grow up in Minneapolis. Or if he did, he certainly didn’t work at a local hardware store (yes, they still exist in the Twin Cities; amongst other things, it’s where lots of local youth get their first job). I know that because twice in two weeks now,...
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Name Game: “Physical” Retail, Traditional Sales, and Hamburgers

What Do You Call the Opposite of Online Sales? Amazon has marched into every arena of commerce, building moat after moat — logistical, financial, customer service — to keep its rivals from catching up. It expanded into selling its own wares, into physical retail, entertainment and into all manner of home monitoring devices. And it...
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“You Know Whole Foods is Pricey When . . .”

Credit Card Signing Threshold Even if you filled your grocery cart with $20/lb. cheeses, $8.99 organic gallons of milk, exotic truffles, etc., you’d be hard-pressed to spend $1,000 at Whole Foods (at least in a single visit). So, it was surprising to learn that, at least for credit card purchases < $1,000, Whole Foods no...
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“Highest & Best” Redux for Amazon HQ2 Contestants?

Gargantuan State + Local Tax Incentives = Pyrrhic Victory for “Winning” Bidder “Amazon Narrows Down List for HQ2 to 20 Cities” —Headline, Bloomberg.com (1/18/2018). Anyone hearing the news that Amazon had “narrowed” the list of contenders down to 20 cities might properly comment, “Good Lord! How many cities were on the original list??” (answer: 238). While...
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