February 3, 2021

Minneapolis Neighborhood Names: a Primer for Newcomers (and New Drivers**)

A River Runs Through It (Diagonally) Quick! Test your knowledge of Minneapolis’ quirky geography (or at least, quirky neighborhood names), and see if you know which of the following are real terms, used by the locals . . . and which aren’t: A. “North Minneapolis” B. “South Minneapolis” C. “West Minneapolis” D. “East Minneapolis” E....
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Name Game: “Physical” Retail, Traditional Sales, and Hamburgers

What Do You Call the Opposite of Online Sales? Amazon has marched into every arena of commerce, building moat after moat — logistical, financial, customer service — to keep its rivals from catching up. It expanded into selling its own wares, into physical retail, entertainment and into all manner of home monitoring devices. And it...
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