Weight Loss — Realtor Version

OK, so it’s not a lot, but I managed to shed about 8 ounces this week. Not from my waistline, exactly — more like from my belt. The explanation? I traded in my cigarette pack-sized “smart key” — what Realtors use to open electronic lock boxes — for a tiny, infrared adapter that plugs into my...
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“iCloudy”: Struggling With Apple’s Cloud-Based Data Storage

 At the risk of adding to an already too long list of i-puns, I’ve got one more:  “iCloudy.” In theory, Apple’s cloud-based data storage system (and successor to problem-plagued MobileMe) represents the Holy Grail of  “whenever, wherever” access to personal data. In practice, well . . . . After two weeks — and multiple trips...
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Perils & Pitfalls of Working Part-Time

Vanishing Breed:  The Part-Time Realtor After four(?) years using the same desktop PC in my home office, I’m finally ready to upgrade. Inspired by the Steve Jobs biography (I just finished reading it), and reasonably happy* with my iPhone (I started using one 3 weeks ago), I’ve resolved to get an Apple. So I went to my local...
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Chickens and Smart Phones

How Much is Apple Worth? “A chicken in every pot.” –early 20th century political campaign ad. “An iPhone in every hand . . . in the world.” –economic reality, 2012 Well, all the folks who feared that Apple would founder (no more f’s, promise) after Steve Jobs’ passing have been proven wrong, big-time:  the company’s stock went...
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Cool App’s — and Their Limits

App Explosion Urban Spoon.  Dropbox.  Around Me.  Evernote.  Keynote.  Wikihood.  Posterous. Those are just some of the apps — for smartphones and tablets — that I heard discussed (and extolled) at a Realtor conference this morning. Yes, I recognize their utility. And yes, I ‘m sure I’ll have my favorites by the end of the...
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"i.everything?" "i.world?" i.giveup

Gadget Overload If you’re over 50, somewhat technology-conversant, but definitely not a first (or even second) adopter, what do you call Apple’s proliferating galaxy of electronic gadgets (“iphone,” “ipad,” “itouch,” etc.)? My brother-in-law’s catch-term is “i.whatever.”
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