July 13, 2012

“iCloudy”: Struggling With Apple’s Cloud-Based Data Storage

 At the risk of adding to an already too long list of i-puns, I’ve got one more:  “iCloudy.” In theory, Apple’s cloud-based data storage system (and successor to problem-plagued MobileMe) represents the Holy Grail of  “whenever, wherever” access to personal data. In practice, well . . . . After two weeks — and multiple trips...
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“The Case of the Boastful Builder”

Riddle:  How Can His Prices Possibly Be That Low?!? [Editor’s Note:  For obvious reasons, no names or other identifying info on this post.  However, I heard the following anecdote from an “extremely reliable source” (as they say), and believe it to be true.] So, how does one very cost-competitive Twin Cities builder deliver such eye-popping prices? By “exploiting”...
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