iPhone 5

iPhone 5 “Smart Key” Adapter

Left Dangling (Dongling??) Like a lot of Realtors, I’ve been eager to upgrade to the new iPhone 5. The catch? The adapter — called a “dongle” — that lets me use my phone as a Smart Key to access electronic lockboxes doesn’t fit the new phone. The fix:  essentially, “an adapter for the adapter” —...
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“Do You Have the New Dongle for the iPhone 5?”

It sounds like a crank phone call that teenagers would make. But, it’s actually my question for the Minneapolis Association of Realtors (“MAAR”), before I “pop” for the new iPhone 5 and render my barely 2 month-old dongle obsolete. It’s that dongle — or adapter — which serves as an eKey (aka “Smart Key”) that lets...
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Is Apple’s Stock a Quasi-Currency?

iPhone 5 as Economic Stimulus (Note the Multiplier Effect) So, there appears to be a debate these days about whether the debut of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 5 can do what the Federal Reserve cannot:  provide a genuine stimulus to the U.S. (if not) global economy. Put me squarely in the “affirmative” camp. That’s because cumulative...
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Dubious Sartorial Trend: Untucked Men’s Shirttails

Très Chic:  the Bum Look? First, it became fashionable for middle-aged men to sport a couple days’ stubble, ala Brad Pitt (on, umm, older men, it just makes them look unemployed).  See, “Hirsute Conceits.” Now, I’ve started to notice grown men (vs. their teenage sons) going around at social functions and even business presentations with...
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