September 26, 2012

Is Apple’s Stock a Quasi-Currency?

iPhone 5 as Economic Stimulus (Note the Multiplier Effect) So, there appears to be a debate these days about whether the debut of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 5 can do what the Federal Reserve cannot:  provide a genuine stimulus to the U.S. (if not) global economy. Put me squarely in the “affirmative” camp. That’s because cumulative...
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“Losing” a Listing — But Saving Six Months (or More) of Time/Energy*

Shooting the Messenger Listing Agent I think the prospective client to whom I made a listing presentation the other week is hiring someone else. Or, at least, I think he is; he never returned my phone calls after the meeting. Setback — Or Not? Five years ago — 60 or 70 deals back, in Realtor vernacular — I would...
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