September 14, 2012

Old (Investing) Wine in New Bottles

Investing Theme Du Jour: “Dynamic Asset Allocation” As a result (I assume) of subscribing to The Wall Street Journal, I’m treated to a steady stream of junk mail pitches from various mutual funds, money managers, etc. The latest:  a Boston-based firm that claims to deliver superior returns based on their prowess at “dynamic asset allocation.”...
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Garage/Driveway “Switcheroo”

The Challenge:  Corner Lot on a Busy Street As a general proposition, you can’t change a house’s location (at least not easily). While it can still be a challenge, it’s much easier to change the location of the garage and driveway. Why would you want to? If the driveway backed up to a busy street, and the house...
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Dubious Sartorial Trend: Untucked Men’s Shirttails

Très Chic:  the Bum Look? First, it became fashionable for middle-aged men to sport a couple days’ stubble, ala Brad Pitt (on, umm, older men, it just makes them look unemployed).  See, “Hirsute Conceits.” Now, I’ve started to notice grown men (vs. their teenage sons) going around at social functions and even business presentations with...
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