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“Cheap” vs. “Easy” Credit

Housing Market Finance, Then & Now “If you don’t have a job — or are afraid of losing one — it doesn’t matter how low interest rates are.” –Ross Kaplan Long before there was a housing bubble (seemingly, 3 lifetimes ago), there was a credit bubble. As a result, seemingly anyone who could complete a...
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The 3 Types of Markets: Seller’s, Buyer’s, and . . . . ???

Hint:  What’s In Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Market? Along with most large metro housing markets, the Twin Cities has favored Sellers for so long — about 5 years now — that Buyers and Seller (if not their agents) can be forgiven for forgetting that there are two other kinds of markets. The first is...
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Anxious 2017 Buyers Fret: “Is Another Housing Bubble Brewing?”

When Bearishness is Bullish As the 2017 housing market officially gets underway, at least a few Realtors are dealing with Buyers haunted by the post-2008 housing crash — and the fear that something like that could happen again. How warranted are those fears? Housing Market Vital Signs:  Checklist Unfortunately, bubbles are usually only obvious in retrospect...
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Is Housing More Bubble-Prone Than Stocks?

Shiller:  Why Smart Money Can’t Stop a Housing Bubble At least according to economist (and Nobel Prize winner) Robert Shiller, housing is more prone to bubbles than stocks for two reasons:  1) housing supply eventually responds to higher prices, satisfying demand (and then some); and 2) unlike stocks, it’s not possible to short housing —...
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Jeremy Grantham for Federal Reserve Chairman

A Brit With Backbone “I would put a requirement for backbone first along with the ability to think for yourself and stand firm. We have little to lose by taking a different course, and much to gain. “Relevant experience” is difficult to appraise in dealing with a Fed boss, and previous proven excellence has anyway not...
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Barry Ritholtz Channels Vince Lombardi

“Do Deflated Bubbles Always Overshoot?”  Cont. The Green Bay Packers never lost a game.  They just ran out of time. –Vince Lombardi If you missed my tête-à-tête last week with Barry Ritholtz (“Why the Housing Bears are Bearish“), let me summarize: Mr. Ritholtz wrote that, even after a 35% drop from the peak nationally, housing...
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