October 21, 2018

“Cheap” vs. “Easy” Credit

Housing Market Finance, Then & Now “If you don’t have a job — or are afraid of losing one — it doesn’t matter how low interest rates are.” –Ross Kaplan Long before there was a housing bubble (seemingly, 3 lifetimes ago), there was a credit bubble. As a result, seemingly anyone who could complete a...
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My Favorite Night at the Stanford Coffee House (“CoHo”)

While I’m certainly a fan of stand-up comedy (Friday night) and live music (Thursday night), as the parent of a Stanford freshman, I have to say my favorite night at the Stanford Coffee House is Sunday night (see above). 🙂 P.S.: Everything at Stanford seems to be turned into an acronym or a truncated word....
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Should Homeowners Insure Their Natural Gas Pipes?

Centerpoint Energy “Pipe Protection Plan” Never mind my almost 17(!) years as a Realtor. I’ve been a Minnesota homeowner now stretching back over three decades. During all that time, I’d never been pitched a monthly “(gas) pipe protection plan” — until last week. Here is Centerpoint Energy’s marketing spiel: “As your natural gas utility, CenterPoint...
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