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“True Minnesotan,” Exhibit #23: the (Too?) Helpful Clerk at the Neighborhood Hardware Store

What’s the Opposite of “Upselling?” Jeff Bezos didn’t grow up in Minneapolis. Or if he did, he certainly didn’t work at a local hardware store (yes, they still exist in the Twin Cities; amongst other things, it’s where lots of local youth get their first job). I know that because twice in two weeks now,...
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Stuck in “Housing Pergatory”**

Home Buyer Dis: “Looks Like Too Many Trips to Home Depot” What makes a home “stuck in Pergatory?” Too much Pergo, for one thing (sorry, bad pun). For those who don’t know, Pergo is a laminate made to look like hardwood floors, and is about half the price per square foot as the real thing....
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Home Radon Test “True or False”

Outsource vs. Do-It-Yourself; Racing the Inspection Clock (or Not) True or false:  the $10 home radon tests sold at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) are less reliable than the $200+ tests performed by professional home inspectors (note:  the do-it-yourself kits also charge a $35 lab fee for normal processing turnaround, for a total...
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Q: How Many Types of White Toilet Seats Can There Possibly Be?!? Answer: 48(!)

Why I Hate Going to Home Depot How can replacing a simple toilet seat require three separate trips to Home Depot? Easy. There are literally 48 different choices, varying by size (“round” or “elongated”); manufacturer (Kohler, American Standard); and even features (“quiet close,” “quick release,” etc..) Sheesh!! For all those options, ironically, the one choice you don’t...
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Conjuring Cheech & Chong

One of my favorite Cheech & Chong scenes has Cheech & Chong trying to contact the police after they discover that their van has been stolen. The problem:  they don’t know the right name. “Cop?” Nope. “Fuzz?” Can’t find it. “Heat,” “pig,” “The Man?”  Still nothing. So, it turns out that the reason my emails to...
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$25 Off at Home Depot

Credit Card Deals As I was checking out at Home Depot today, the cashier asked me if I wanted to open up a Home Depot credit card and save $25 off my purchase. I told her I already had a Home Depot card, so I wasn’t eligible. “Not so,” she informed me — you can...
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