October 17, 2013

“Gee, Too Bad We Don’t Have a President Who Is a Brilliant Constitutional Law Scholar”

What Would Lincoln (or Teddy Roosevelt, or FDR) Do? Not What President Obama is Doing “This wouldn’t have happened if Reagan were still alive.” –bumper sticker around the time of the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980’s. “Better to ask forgiveness than permission.” –old saying Wouldn’t it be great if the President was a Constitutional Law...
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Q: How Many Types of White Toilet Seats Can There Possibly Be?!? Answer: 48(!)

Why I Hate Going to Home Depot How can replacing a simple toilet seat require three separate trips to Home Depot? Easy. There are literally 48 different choices, varying by size (“round” or “elongated”); manufacturer (Kohler, American Standard); and even features (“quiet close,” “quick release,” etc..) Sheesh!! For all those options, ironically, the one choice you don’t...
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Realtor Sales Incentives: Best (& Worst) Uses

True or False On top of the “payout” commission listed on MLS, Sellers will sometimes dangle an extra incentive for Buyers’ agents. The most common (and straightforward) is simply a cash bonus, payable upon successful closing. How smart is that — and what situation(s) is that most effective? Read through the following three scenarios, and...
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