October 25, 2011

“What Kind of Hardwood is It?”

If you’re trying to identify the type of hardwood in a client’s condo — specifically, a massive front door — and neither they nor you know, what do you do? Find an expert. Or three of them. In my case, I first asked the inspector doing the municipal point of sale inspection. Their guess:  ebony...
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10 Day Review Period . . . 2 Weeks Too Late

How Strong is the Condo Association? I’ll discuss this year’s legal and forms changes (exciting stuff, I know!) in another post. But one of the things that did not change this year — and I predict will next year, if not sooner — is the timing of Condo and Townhouse Association disclosures.  At least in Minnesota,...
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What “Cooperate” Means to a Realtor

“Cooperative and Rude?” (Not Mutually Exclusive) In general, I’ve found that real estate has a lot less jargon and technical terms of art than law. A notable exception? The word (term?), “cooperate.” To the average person, it means working with someone to accomplish a common task or goal — usually in a positive, agreeable manner....
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Conjuring Cheech & Chong

One of my favorite Cheech & Chong scenes has Cheech & Chong trying to contact the police after they discover that their van has been stolen. The problem:  they don’t know the right name. “Cop?” Nope. “Fuzz?” Can’t find it. “Heat,” “pig,” “The Man?”  Still nothing. So, it turns out that the reason my emails to...
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