Golden Valley

“Name That City Lake”

City Lakes Multiple Choice Test your knowledge of the Twin Cities, and answer the following multiple choice question: “Which of the following city lakes is ringed by upper bracket homes, has gorgeous nature and wildlife views, and is less than four miles from Downtown Minneapolis?” A.  Cedar Lake. B.  Lake Calhoun. C.  Lake of the...
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“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a . . . Drone?!?”

Drones may be controversial in modern warfare. But, there’s at least one field where they’re an unmitigated blessing:  residential real estate. Specifically, drones — or at least their first cousins, remote-controlled helicopters — have dramatically reduced the cost of getting shots like the ones of this home, in Golden Valley’s Hidden Lakes neighborhood. See also, “Show >...
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“Hmm, I Wonder Why That House Isn’t Selling??”

Three Bathrooms?  Or 1.75? I just previewed a Golden Valley home for out-of-town clients, and now understand why the home — which appears well-priced and is located in a “demand” neighborhood — has been sitting on the market since last Fall, at ever-lower prices. Strike #1 was the number of Bathrooms. According to MLS —...
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When a Spiral Staircase is a Dealbreaker

Indoor Spiral Staircases vs. Outdoor Spiral Staircases Maybe it’s because I’m a 6’2″, 220 lb. male, but I’ve never particularly been a fan of spiral staircases. Too tight (at least for me) and occasionally, flimsy. Like overly-generous use of mirrors, they also suggest cramped quarters that somebody is trying not to make seem even smaller...
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“Aim Left”

No, that’s not something that Berkeley parents tell their kids (at least not in this case). And, it’s not some sort of broad, life philosophy.* Rather, the sign pictured at right is on a Golden Valley golf driving range; it’s instructing duffers to avoid the road (and cars) immediately to the west. *I’m sure I could dig up a couple “Aim...
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How Home Builders Get Realtors’ Attention

But Watch Out For That Clawback Provision If you want to get the attention of Buyers’ agents, offer to pay them more. Or faster. That’s the strategy of at least one local (Golden Valley) builder, whose yet-to-be built new construction homes are listed on MLS now, but won’t be ready for occupancy until closer to...
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