Determining the Discount (Premium??) for Homes Located Across From a School

Key Variables: Type of School, Buyer Characteristics Homes on busy streets typically fetch a discount. Is there an equivalent discount for homes located across from a school? (which, in a way, is really just a subset of “busy street” — call it, an “intermittently busy street”). I’ve never seen formal data on this, but I’d guess...
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-35º Below Windchill? Time for Ice Cream! (of course)

Why No One’s Rooting For FREE* Ice Cream Once upon a time, people in the Twin Cities knew that when the thermometer dived, ice cream at local favorite Sebastian Joe’s went on sale. So, when the thermometer dipped to -17º below last night, the corresponding discount would be a cool (sorry) 25%, per the chart above....
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Prospective Home Seller: “Can I Get More For My House If I Put On a New Roof?”

More than WHAT? My short answer to the question, “Can I get more for my house if I put on a new roof?” is, “yes, you can.” That is, if by “more,” you mean, “more than what you could have gotten for the home without a new roof ” especially if the current one is...
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Discounting for Condition: How Much?

Not Just Price Tag, Scope of Work Discounting for a home’s “vintage” condition is inherently subjective. Some Buyers don’t want to tackle anything more challenging than painting a Bedroom (if that). Others ” especially if they have contracting skills (or access to them) ” are up for remodeling the Kitchen, Bath’s and anything else that...
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Rose-colored Glasses . . . or Magnifying Lens?

“For Sale” Home Languishing on the Market? It (Usually) Shows Realtors constantly warn their home-selling clients about the risks of overpricing (especially in a soft market). Anyone who doubts that should tour a few homes that have just listed, then view homes that have been languishing on the market, unsold, for months (years?). Study in...
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Same Block, Same Price. But, Are They Competitors??

Different Homes, Different Buyers It may seem counter-intuitive, but just because two “For Sale” homes share the same block and are listed for the same price, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re direct competitors. In fact, I can think of at least two scenarios where there’s virtually no overlap in the pool of prospective Buyers considering both...
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