December 6, 2020

Seller’s Housewarming Gift For Buyer. Not

Left Holding the (Garbage) Bag: Reason #17 for Buyers to Do a Walk-Through Inspection It’s certainly possible that the weekly garbage collector will haul away all of the Seller’s junk, left curbside. But, I wouldn’t count on it. And neither should the Buyer. Instead, I’d negotiate either: a) a $500 escrow (holdback) from the sales proceeds,...
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Prospective Home Seller: “Can I Get More For My House If I Put On a New Roof?”

More than WHAT? My short answer to the question, “Can I get more for my house if I put on a new roof?” is, “yes, you can.” That is, if by “more,” you mean, “more than what you could have gotten for the home without a new roof ” especially if the current one is...
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